THE PANTRY Launched by Lafourche DA to Benefit School Children

THE PANTRY Launched by Lafourche DA to Benefit School Children

Lafourche Parish District Attorney Kristine Russell is excited to announce her Office’s launching of THE PANTRY – a partnership with teachers to provide students with needed food and supplies.


Each year, for many years, we have taken our school programs (RESPECT U) into classrooms throughout Lafourche Parish in the hopes of making a difference in a child’s life. With the spread of COVID-19 in 2020, we had to switch to virtual presentations for the 2020-2021 school year, but were looking forward to getting back into the classrooms in 2021-2022. Now, after Hurricane Ida, we have to shift once again as every minute of classroom instruction is needed by teachers. After thinking about how we can best help moving forward, the concept of THE PANTRY was born.


Each participating school will have a designated area on campus known as THE PANTRY that our office will stock monthly with non-perishable food and supplies. So far 12 schools have elected to participate and have begun to receive supplies.


Now, when teachers see students in need, they can go to THE PANTRY and get them supplies to take home. It is a discreet way to help ensure that school children are fed and supplied at home so they can focus on their education rather than their stomachs.


THE PANTRY has been made possible by the generosity of individuals and organizations that have continued to donate supplies to us in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida.


“We have enough supplies to keep our pantries stocked for a few months,” said District Attorney Kristine Russell. “Our hope is that private donors and organizations will join us so we can keep our school pantries stocked with supplies for at least the remaining school year and potentially for years to come.”