Suspect Convicted in Armed Robbery Foiled by Lockport Business Owner

Suspect Convicted in Armed Robbery Foiled by Lockport Business Owner

Lafourche Parish District Attorney Kristine Russell announced that a Lockport man was unanimously convicted of Attempted Armed Robbery by a Lafourche Parish jury on Tuesday, September 27th, after a two-day trial.


Zolton Adams Jr., 22, was arrested by the Lockport Police Department in November of 2021 after a failed attempt to rob a business in the Lockport community.


Evidence presented at the trial showed Adams entering the business in the early afternoon hours, wearing a hoodie, baseball cap on his head and bandana around his face, demanding money from the cash register while holding the cashier at gunpoint.


“It was clear that the defendant had put thought into his crime by trying to conceal his identity and planning his escape, but he didn’t anticipate a store owner being present who legally carried a firearm,” said Assistant District Attorney Allie Fournet, who prosecuted the case along with 1st Assistant District Attorney Jennifer Richard.


While Adams held the cashier at gunpoint, the store owner was alerted and was able to disarm Adams and hold him at gunpoint until Police arrived.  Once in custody, it was determined that the gun Adams used in the commission of the crime was a Glock replica BB gun.


Fournet continued, “The gun may not have been a real Glock, but the defendant’s intention to commit an armed robbery was. Now, he will have a very long time to reconsider his life choices.”


Zolton Adams Jr. now faces a up to 49 ½ years with the Louisiana Department of Corrections.


The Honorable Marla Abel, who presided over the trial, ordered that Adams be remanded into law enforcement custody pending his November 22nd, 2022 sentencing date.

“I want to thank the jury for their patience throughout this proceeding,” said Fournet. “The process of jury selection is long and tiresome, but their service to the pursuit of justice is very much appreciated.”