Lafourche Jury Convicts Attempted Carjacking Suspect

Lafourche Jury Convicts Attempted Carjacking Suspect

Lafourche Parish District Attorney Kristine Russell announced that a Thibodaux man charged with Attempted Carjacking in May of 2022 was convicted as charged by a Lafourche Parish jury on Monday, March 13th, 2023.


Shortly before Patrick Gilton, 41, got into the female victim’s vehicle while she was pumping gas at a gas station in North Lafourche, a gunshot was heard. Gilton, who appeared moments after, claimed he had been shot and needed a ride to flee the area because he was being chased. The female victim’s husband, who was nearby-by, intervened and called the Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office.

Gilton refused to get out of the vehicle, demanding that the victims let him take it. During the encounter, the male victim grabbed his wife’s purse with the key fab and fled with his family after Gilton made a threatening remark and gesture. Gilton tried to start the vehicle, but was unable to without the key fob.


Gilton fled before deputies arrived, but was found hiding behind a business nearby. It was learned that Gilton had not been shot and at no point was anyone seen chasing him. In addition, deputies were unable to locate a crime scene to determine if a shooting had taken place.


“This is what nightmares are made of,” said Assistant District Attorney Allie Fournet, who prosecuted the case along with Assistant District Attorney Jason Chatagnier. “An innocent family pumping gas after a high school graduation party does not expect, nor do they deserve, being forced into an elaborate scam that could have ended much worse.”


During the trial, Gilton, who represented himself, claimed he was a victim and was fleeing for his life. A point that prosecutors refuted.


“The defendant wants everyone to believe he is the victim, but his actions didn’t reflect someone fleeing for their life,” said Fournet. “For over six minutes he tried to take the vehicle. He lied about being shot. No one was seen chasing him. Not once did he go into the store or seek someone else’s help. He knew law enforcement were on the way, and still decided to flee when he couldn’t start the vehicle. There are victims in this case, but the defendant is not one of them.”


It took the jury less than thirty minutes to return a unanimous guilty verdict.


The Honorable Marla Abel, who presided over the trial, ordered that Gilton be remanded into law enforcement custody without bail pending his April 27th sentencing date.


In accordance with state law, Patrick Gilton faces up to ten years with the Louisiana Department of Corrections.