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January 23, 2017



THIBODAUX – A Lafourche Parish grand jury has indicted four men in three separate criminal matters, District Attorney Kristine Russell announced Tuesday.

Kai Williams of Thibodaux was indicted on one count of second degree murder.  Williams is accused of killing Grace Owens on November 24, 2017 in the vicinity of Midland Drive in Thibodaux.

Williams is currently being held on a two million dollar bond, and is scheduled for a formal arraignment on Wednesday.  Second degree murder carries a mandatory sentence of life in prison.

Also indicted was Michael Lirette on a charge of aggravated rape of a juvenile.  The victim, who is now an adult, reported that she had been sexually assaulted by the defendant when she was between the ages of five and eight. 

Lirette’s bond was set at $150,000. Aggravated rape carries a mandatory sentence of life in prison as well.

Finally, Tremell Batiste was indicted for the second degree murder of Chansie White, while Dontrell Bryant was indicted for accessory after the fact to second degree murder and obstruction of justice for his role in the same offense.

The victim was shot on November 15, 2017 by a suspect in a white Crown Victoria.  The subsequent investigation identified Batiste as the shooter.  Bryant is accused of helping Batiste flee to Assumption Parish and helping dispose of evidence of the crime.

Based on the indictment, on State’s motion, Batiste’s bond was increased to one million dollars from $500,000.  Batiste’s arraignment is scheduled for January 25.  Bryant has a bond of one million dollars which remains in full force.  Bryant’s arraignment is also scheduled for January 25.

Batiste faces life in prison if convicted of second degree murder.  Accessory after the fact is punishable by up to five years in prison and a five hundred dollar fine.  Obstruction of justice carries a sentence of up to forty years in prison at hard labor, and a fine of up to $100,000.

Russell presented the Lirette case to the grand jury, while Assistant District Attorney Cam Morvant presented the Batiste, Bryant and Williams cases

January 26, 2018


THIBODAUX – Two defendants standing trial in Lafourche Parish were convicted as charged on felony offenses this week.

 Alex Andras was convicted of attempted second degree murder Thursday.  Andras was charged with stabbing a male victim multiple times during an altercation which occurred on August 6, 2016 at a residence on Choctaw Road in Thibodaux.

 “This was a vicious attack, committed in the victim’s home,” said Assistant District Attorney Shaun George, who prosecuted the case along with ADA Martin Caillouet.  The testimony offered at trial showed that the victim had 16 stab wounds, including a slashed throat.  The victim survived, however, and testified at trial.

The incident resulted from an ongoing dispute between the victim and defendant, culminating in a fight in which Andras struck the victim multiple times while armed with a knife.

“We hope that the jury’s verdict sends a strong and clear message to everyone that disputes can never be resolved with violence,” said District Attorney Kristine Russell.  “We are very fortunate that this fight didn’t end with a homicide.”

Andras is set for sentencing on February 5.  He faces a possible prison term of not less than ten nor more than fifty years in prison.

Also convicted this week was Elijah Rodrigue, who was found guilty Wednesday of being an accessory after the fact to simple burglary. 

“The credit for this conviction goes to the Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office investigators, who followed this case to a close,” said ADA Jason Chatagnier, who prosecuted the case.

Neighbors of the victim, who also testified at trial, reported the break-in of a residence on Highway 307 in Kramer on May 28, 2016.  Witnesses placed Rodrigue at the scene during the burglary, and noted that he appeared to be acting nervous.  Among the items stolen during the burglary were ten or more guns, valued at approximately $10,000.

The subsequent investigation identified a number of suspects, including Rodrigue, who did not testify in his defense.

Rodrigue is scheduled for formal sentencing on March 2.  Rodrigue faces a jail term of up to five years, and a fine of up to five hundred dollars.


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