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The Pre-Trial Intervention Program (PTI) offers first time, non-violent offenders a chance to avoid jail time and also serves to discourage future criminal or disorderly behavior. It provides alternatives to jail, such as community service and restitution. Participation in educational as well as rehabilitative programs is often required.

To be eligible for participation in this program, one must be a first time, non-violent offender. Participants are selected following a review of pending charges by District Attorney staff. After all facts are obtained and a more in depth review of offender's criminal history is conducted, a letter scheduling an appointment with the PTI Coordinator is sent to the offender.


When receiving a Traffic Citation or Wildlife Citation, payments can be paid in person at the Lafourche Parish Sheriff's Office at: 200 Canal Blvd., Thibodaux, LA 70301.

Citations can also be paid by mail. Send money order or cashier's check for payment in full - PLEASE DO NOT SEND CASH. Partial payments are NOT accepted. Mail to: LAFOURCHE PARISH SHERIFF'S OFFICE, P.O. Box 5608, Thibodaux, LA 70302.

Credit card payments ARE accepted. Make payments out to the LAFOURCHE PARISH SHERIFF'S OFFICE. Payment plans ARE NOT available.


The Worthless Check Program is designed to assist innocent parties in collecting money rightfully owed them by individuals who write worthless checks. In response to the many citizens and merchants who requested a more effective "bad check" program, the District Attorney's Office delivered by re-vamping its Worthless Check Program. A special investigator was hired to track down those individuals that write bad checks. Consequently, we now have more efficient and effective means to secure convictions and obtain restitution on behalf of Lafourche Parish victims.

Only NSF or Account Closed checks are accepted from citizens or merchants for prosecution. The District Attorney's Office will mail a certified letter on behalf of the aggrieved party giving the check writer ten (10) days to pay the amount owed. If payment is not made after the ten (10) day notice, a deputy will issue a citation for a court appearance. If the deputy is unable to locate the check writer, an arrest warrant is issued.


The District Attorney's Office works closely with the Children’s Advocacy Center of Lafourche to prosecute those who victimize children. Three Assistant District Attorneys are assigned to prosecute molestation cases.


This page is under construction. The District Attorney's Office continues to actively fight violent crime. The court staff of Assistant District Attorneys have many years of experience in violent crime prosecution. They are under the direction and supervision of the District Attorney who is always ultimately responsible for decisions involving the prosecution of major violent offenders.


The Victim’s Assistance Program of the Lafourche Parish District Attorney’s Office will work to ensure that all victims of crime are treated with dignity, respect, courtesy and sensitivity, and that their rights are always honored and protected.

Purpose of the Victim's Rights Program:
· To establish better communication between the criminal justice system and the victim.
· To assure that the victim receives correct information regarding the judicial process, case status and case outcome.
· To provide information to the victim on community services for financial and emotional support.
· To assist the victim in recovering restitution.

A crime victim may be eligible for notification when any of the following offenses have been committed against them.

-Any Homicide (or attempts to commit)
-Any Felony Offense (including attempts to commit any of them) defined in R.S. 14:2 (13).
-Any Sexual Offense
-Certain Vehicular-related offense
-Domestic offense

Registration for Notification
You may register for notification by contacting the arresting law enforcement agency, the clerk of court or the District Attorney’s Office.

Rights after Registering for Notification
· To reasonable notice and to be present and heard during all critical stages of pre- conviction and post conviction proceedings.
· To be informed upon the release from custody or the escape of the accused or the offender.
· To confer with prosecution on final disposition of the case.
· To refuse to be interviewed by the accused or a representative of the accused.
· To review and comment upon the pre-sentence report prior to imposition of sentence.
· To seek restitution.
· To a reasonably prompt conclusion of the case.
· To provide the court with a written and oral victim impact statement.